Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the method of payment?
A: Cash
Q: Do I have to pay a deposit?
A: No, a deposit is not required
Q: What is the check-in time?
A: The check-in time is after 15:00 hrs (earlier arrivals on request)
Q:  What is the check-out time?
A: The latest check-out time is 10:00 hrs (morning)
Q: Where can I get the key to the apartment?
A: The key can be picked up at my house (Middelweg 96
     If I am there the key will be in the lock at the Summer House
Q: Where should we leave the key on departure?
A: Please leave the key in the lock on departure
Q: How far is the beach from the apartment?
A: Approximately 40 min by cycle or 15 min by car (Castricum/Wijk aan Zee)
Q: Are the bed linen and hand towels available?
A: Yes, these are included in the price
Q: Are the costs for cleaning the apartment on departure included in the price?
A: Yes
Q: are bicycles available during the stay?
A: Yes, bicycles are available, free of charge
Q: How far is the railway station?
A: About 10 min walking distance from the Summer House
Q: How long does it take by train to Amsterdam, Haarlem or Alkmaar?
A: About 20 to 30 min and the trains leave 2 to 4 times every hour
Q: What about breakfast?
A: Breakfast is not included in the price since most of the guests prefer to do it themselves. The house has a fully fitted               kitchen  and all the (food) shops are but a stone’s throw away







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